In an Unprecedented Pairing...
Two Neptune Masters Who've Cracked the Neptune Bearing Replacement Join Forces to Reveal...
How to Replace Maytag Neptune Front Load Bearings
Did you know that you can replace the Neptune front loader bearings?
Most Neptune technicians do not know this little secret and are turning away tons of business by quoting $900 for the bearing job or worse... recommending that they ‘junk’ the Neptune. This is a very bad idea and I will explain why! Meets Up with Gold Key Equipment + Service
I'm Jeff Hartman, owner of, a web based business that's focused on helping Neptune owners keep their washers running efficiently. I have helped over 4,000 Neptune owners repair their front load washers and saved them well over $1,000,000!
You see, I drove 6.5 hours to Pa. to meet and have lunch with Tony back on August 14th of 2008 to learn more about the Neptune Bearing Tool Kit. Tony is the guy who truly knows the Neptune front loaders inside and out. He’s been on the front lines repairing Maytag washers and dryers for over 28 years! Yes, Tony used to work for Maytag but now runs his own thriving Maytag repair service.
So I put together a low cost Q6 & R11 repair kit and started offering it to Neptune owners to save them money by salvaging their control boards.
Did you Know that 10’s of 1,000’s of Neptunes will need serviced in the next 10 Years !

 With the Neptune Bearing Tool the bearings were very easy to get out. The bearings were also very easy to pull back in with the tool once everything was cleaned up. The price of the tool was well worth it plus you have the replacement bearings and seals.


Shawn G.


The DVD was extremely helpful... and a bit amusing with some of the commentary. I took a quick look at it several times during the various steps... especially to assure proper use of the different Neptune Bearing Tool Kit parts.

Ed C.
I included a few testimonials I received from folks who used the clever Neptune Bearing Tool to change their bearings.
As I mentioned before, I have been providing the Neptune replacement bearings since Jan. of 2008 and I have seen the trend ramping up and now that the Neptune bearing Tool is available it will sky rocket!
Good morning,
I wanted to thank you for the fast shipping and installation information regarding our Neptune bearing replacement. I made the repairs yesterday. It was a lot easier than I had anticipated it was going to be. It's back together, and noise free.

Ashley P.
This could be the easiest investment you'll ever make... I say that because tools you purchase for your business are investments and you expect a return on investment or (ROI) as soon as possible. Following is some more tips to help get your ROI flowing back to you.
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All you have to do is reach out and take it.
What are you waiting for?
Jeff Hartman
P.S. Please order quickly as only (5) bearing tool kits are kept in stock and new orders require approx. 3 ½ weeks delivery time from the machine shop as these tools are custom made in the USA.
We will soon dive into the details... But first, let me introduce myself...
I would like to tell you a little about my experiences with the Maytag Neptune front loaders. Around January, 2005, a friend named Loretta came to me to see if I could repair her MAH4000AWW machine control board since I have a pretty extensive electronics background.
Loretta’s R11 resistor was burnt so I investigated and found that a lot of Neptune owners had experienced this failure too. I proceeded to replace her 12002535 door latch wax motor and also replaced the Q6 triac and the R11 resistor on the machine control board and her Neptune would happily spin again! I later found out that she was originally quoted $450 for that repair alone!
It all started in 2005
Neptune Bearings are Starting to fail as The Machines  Age
Some of the feedback I received was that it was taking 1.5 – 6 hours to replace the bearings in the Neptunes. I also had a few customers who busted their outer tub trying to get the bearings out.  Usually the damage was caused by the misdirected hammer head hitting the plastic outer tub. So again, I figured there had to be a better and safer way to replace the bearings.
The next Neptune trend that I noticed happening was the bearings were starting to fail on the earlier machines. Neptune owners would contact me and ask if there was anything I could do to quiet their Neptune jumbo jet taking off in spin cycle. Some of them calling in were just quoted $900 service fee to fix the bearing noise. I have also talked to Neptune owners where the bearings failed in only three years!
After noticing this trend I started researching and located the bearings that will replace the Neptune bearings. I then started offering the Neptune bearing and 12002022 seal kit back in January, 2008 to Neptune owners that were willing to replace their bearings and seal kit. Keep in mind that not everyone will desire to replace the bearings themselves.
I finally discovered the Robust Neptune Bearing Tool Kit created By a Maytag Expert
After lots of research I finally discovered the ultimate Neptune bearing tool kit that turns replacing the Neptune front load bearings into about an hour job. You can hardly replace the outer tub in an hour. Finally, a patent pending, made in the USA tool that allows you to change the bearings without removing the outer tub.  Tony has depended on his personal Neptune Bearing Tool well over 100 times and it is still going strong!
On Sunday, March 8, 2009, I arrived at Loretta’s house again armed with the Neptune bearing tool kit to see if I could replace her MAH4000AWW bearings. Just so you know... I am an electronics guy with an ‘I can fix it’ attitude when something is broke because I will usually try to fix it myself unless it is a car transmission. I was a Neptune Bearing Tool virgin so to speak...
Are you beginning to see the advantage of replacing just the bearings and seal verses a $900 quote?
Includes a Professionally Produced Instructional DVD
I watched the included 14 minute professional DVD and I replaced Loretta’s bearings and seal kit and guess what? Loretta’s Neptune worked after I was done! Now, I have to be honest, I took longer than an hour but I know I could perform the repair again much faster because I now know the process.  I have received comments from the Neptune Bearing Tool Kit users that “the DVD is the best tool in the box.” You should be able to complete the job in about an hour on most Neptunes.
I was so impressed with how the tool performed I had to offer it on my new site where you can order this fabulous tool kit and I also put together some money saving bulk bearing offerings for you. I decided to offer the bearing kits alone and also with the 12002022 seal kits to help get you started.
Jeff Hartman (left) & Tony Yeager of Gold Key Equipment
Don’t Quote your Soon to be Ex-Customers $900 to Replace the Outer Tub!
I just can’t believe how well this tool performed when replacing those bearings. Imagine basically removing just 13 screws and 1 bolt to replace the bearings in the Neptune MAH4000 front loader…

I asked Tony what was the most number of Neptunes he replaced the bearings on at one service call  and he replied that he replaced 7  sets of bearings from 4:00 pm to Midnight at a laundromat. You can probably imagine how much profit was earned that evening if he demands $195 - $295 each!
Imagine what it would be like if you could replace the bearings in about an hour. Finally, there is now an affordable alternative to an embarrassing $900 service quote.  Your new bearing repair quote can be from $195 - $295 depending on your going rates.
Imagine experiencing your customer’s joy when their bearings are replaced. In addition, you will gain potential future service calls on that Neptune verses the customer who deep sixes the machine when quoted $900 or you suggest they would be better off junking their machine. With the weak economy Neptune owners will hang on to their machines as long as they can which is great news for you.
Plus, don’t forget to check machines for the faulty wax motors while you have it disassembled. This can lead to more parts sales as well! The affected models are the MAH3000, MAH4000, MAH5500A and the earlier 2000 stackers which will all need your bearing service soon. I also replaced Loretta’s 12001788 belt, moldy 12002533 door boot and soap dispenser lid so keep a few of those parts on hand as well for even more part sales.
Get in the Bearing Game and Prepare for More Profits!
What will fuel the growth you ask? With the informational power of the Internet Neptune owners will discover that the bearings can be replaced even after they call Maytag and they are mistakenly told “The Neptune bearings are not replaceable and you have to replace the outer tub...blah, blah, blah!”
Well, I’ve known that is pure hogwash and now you do to!
Honestly, I get emails everyday asking if I know someone who can replace their Neptune bearings.  So, after you purchase the Neptune Bearing Tool kit and bearings please let me know the zipcodes you are willing to service and I will post your contact info on a special new page on my residential Neptune bearing site for no charge for those Neptune owners who will pay you!  Note: Those who purchase first will be at the top of the list for their service area.
Thank You Thank You Thank You 

I have completed the bearing replacement on my Neptune washer and all is well. 

It is again working like new. 

Chuck S.
- Contact all Neptune owners in your area and inform them that they can in fact replace just the bearings and seal kit and save a ton of cash. You could place an ad in your local paper, update your present yellow pages ad, place flyers in local laundromats where Neptune owners will eventually end up, update your web site and don’t forget to contact local laundromats which can have multiple Neptunes for you to rescue!  
- Be prepared to with information when Neptune owners call you for service, too! I always get emails from folks who inform me that their local appliance repair centers don’t know that the bearings are replaceable.
Tips to speed up your ROI!
- Start up a database of all Neptune owners you service with name, address, phone, email for future reference. So if you replaced a door latch wax motor and control board for a Neptune owner you could send them a letter or even call them to inform them that you can help when their bearings start to fail.

I just wanted to send you a follow up and a big thanks from my parents. The bearings and seal kit we purchased from you worked great! They are washing clothes again without it sounding like the washer is trying to fly off! They were so grateful they didn't have to spend the money it would have taken to get it fixed. And your added customer service was also greatly appreciated.

Thanks again!

Tom M.
- You will also get personal contact information for both Jeff and Tony so if you need any Neptune advice please contact us!
Without a doubt you can now get your new Neptune bearing service started simply by placing your order now! Don’t let procrastination, hesitation or fear stop you from increasing your profits.
These pictures show the bearing locations on the outer tub
The left picture shows the rear bearing retaining ring removal and the right shows the Neptune Bearing Tool in action pulling out the rear bearing.

With 12002022 Seal Kits
Bulk Bearing Kits
Sealed Bearings Without Seal Kits
Bulk Bearing & Seal Kits
Via Gold Key Equipment + Service
Tony Yeager
Gold Key Equipment + Service
The Professional Neptune Bearing Tool Kit comes with double chromated steel parts, solid steel billet knock out plug , DVD and a deluxe carrying case.
More Neptune Bearing Pictures
Here is a picture of a worn Neptune Bearing.
Here is a rendering of the new Neptune sealed bearings. The larger bearing is the front bearing.
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